Elizabeth Arden PRO Frequently Asked Questions

Why is lactic acid the AHA of choice?

New clinical research has shown that lactic acid is superior to all other AHAs, including glycolic, in its ability to stimulate natural Hyaluronic Acid (HA) production. In essence, lactic acid is a better skin moisturizer than all other AHAs for this reason.

What is LCA complex?

LCA Complex is a unique blend of pH balanced Lactic Acid and antioxidants Vitamin A, C, E and Pro-Vit A.

Do AHAs cause sun sensitivity?

Yes, AHAs may increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. We recommend the use of sunscreen, limit sun exposure while using products with AHAs and for a week afterwards. Try Triple Action Protector SPF 50, which is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation and offers high UVA/UVB protection. Additionally, using Elizabeth Arden PRO Perfecting Minerals daily for a natural sunscreen that provides flawless coverage and sun protection with instant gratification benefits. In addition, wearing a hat with a wide brim at least 4 inches, wearing lightweight sun protective clothing, and limiting time in the sun especially when its rays are the strongest, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., are further measures that can be taken for sun protection.

What is AHA Retinoid Conjugate?

AHA Retinoid Conjugate (AHA-RC) is a patent-pending AHA/Vitamin A derivative combination that provides benefits of both lactic acid (AHA) and retinoid (Vitamin A). AHA-RC’s time-released, rate constant controlled acid hydrolysis formulation helps to reduce the possibility of irritation and other side effects normally associated with the use of retinoids.

What is Allyl PQQ?

A mitochondrial antioxidant with skin brightening properties.

How often should I use the Peel Pads?

Start with once weekly use, then gradually increase usage up to 3 times weekly, but not on consecutive days, for accelerated results.

Should I use the Peel Pads in the morning or in the evening?

The peel pads may be used either morning or evening. Regardless of what time of day they are used, it is important to wear a UVA/UVB sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher during the day and to limit sun exposure while using this product. Because it contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), your skin may become more sensitive to the sun and possibly more prone to sunburn. Using sunscreen every day can help prevent sunburn, sun damage and premature skin aging. Try Triple Action Protector SPF 50, which is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation and offers high UVA/UVB protection.

Under what circumstances should the Peel Pads not be used?

Do not use if skin is damaged, irritated or sunburned.

Is a tingling sensation normal when using the Peel Pads?

A mild tingling sensation is normal. If irritation occurs, wash product off, discontinue use and consult a physician.

Can I still use my regular skincare products with the Peel Pads? ?

Yes, the Peel Pads may used in combination with other skincare products. The Peel Pads may enhance the effects of the regimen by exfoliating the layer of dead surface skin cells, helping other products to penetrate the skin more effectively.

Can I use the Peel Pads if I am currently receiving dermatologist resurfacing procedures?

The Peel Pads can complement professional procedures and will help maintain results in between visits; consult with your skincare professional prior to using the Peel Pads depending on your skin type. For professional peel procedures, wait until any redness has subsided before using the Peel Pads.

Should the skin be cleansed after applying the Peel Pads?

Skin should not be cleansed or rinsed after using the Peel Pads. Use only one pad per application; wipe over the skin and allow to dry naturally before applying follow-up skincare products.

Can the Peel Pads be used on body areas where hydrating and/or correcting benefits are desired?

Yes, the Peel Pads may be used on the body following the same procedure and use guidelines for the face Because the products contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn, use sunscreen, wear protective clothing and limit sun exposure while using the peel pads and for a week afterwards.

When can I expect to see benefits from the Peel Pads, and how long will they last?

Skin can feel and appear smoother, softer and radiant after only one use, and improvement should occur with continued use. Benefits last as long as the Peel Pads are used as directed. Once the regimen is stopped, the benefits will begin to diminish as the skin returns to its unbalanced state.


Is there anyone who should not use the Peel Pads?

It is recommended that you consult your skincare professional before use if you have extremely sensitive skin or another medical skin condition.

Can the cleansers be used to remove eye makeup?

Common-sense caution should be used when cleansing the eyes; use very sparingly around eyes, and if you are prone to sensitivity in the eye area, use with care. The cleansers are not developed to remove waterproof eye makeup. Avoid contact with eyes.

For problem-prone skin, how long does it take to see results?

Results vary among clients. While results can be seen with homecare products alone, problem-prone skin is dependent on many factors. As with any control of a skin condition, slightly “worse before better” results may be experienced. Clinically, we have a highly efficacious, system for problem-prone skin that can start to show skin results in an 8-week period.

Can the Triple Action Protector (TAP) be used mixed with a body sunscreen to make it last longer?

You can use TAP on the body especially key areas prone to exposure on a regular basis. Arms, décolleté, ears, lower legs etc. However, mixing with a another product will dilute it and change the formulation and weaken results therefore it is not recommended you mix it into a body sunscreen. TAP has been clinically tested as a stand alone product.

TAP - can it be used around the eyes?

Yes, use more sparingly and realize this area can show signs of sensitivity easier than rest of face due to the delicate skin. Avoid contact with eyes.

Can TAP be used on children?

TAP is ideal for all ages – 6 months and above – for topical skin protection. Even when using a sunscreen product such as TAP, it is important to not stay too long in the sun. Keep babies and young children out of direct sunlight. Overexposure to the sun is a serious health threat.

Can I use Elizabeth Arden PRO Skincare products if I am pregnant or lactating?

Clients should discuss product choices with their personal physician prior to beginning a new skincare regimen or introducing a new product into their existing skincare regimen.

Can the products be used in conjunction with other products?

The products have only been tested for best results when used alone or together as part of the Elizabeth Arden PRO skincare regimen.

Elizabeth Arden PRO is a comprehensive skincare line designed to enhance the outcome of any skincare regimen, and can be used in combination with other skin care products as well as with make-up. It is important to choose skin care products that are non-irritating, non-comedogenic and dermatologist tested for optimal skin health

How long will it take to see visible benefits?

Within a few weeks of using Elizabeth Arden PRO Skincare products on a regular basis, skin should begin to look and feel smoother and healthier. However, due to the variable nature of the human skin, no guarantee can be made regarding length of time it will take to see visible results.

Where can Elizabeth Arden PRO Skincare products be purchased?

Elizabeth Arden PRO is a professional line of skincare available to purchase directly through skincare professionals in salons, clinics and spa’s following a skin consultation and ensuring an individualized regimen specific to skin type/condition with maximum results.

Are your products paraben free?

Yes, all Elizabeth Arden PRO Skincare products are paraben free.

Are Elizabeth Arden PRO products tested on animals?

No, the products are not tested on animals. All clinical testing is performed on human subject volunteers.

Why are the Perfecting Minerals considered skin caring minerals and not simply makeup?

Elizabeth Arden PRO Perfecting Minerals are natural and are backed by third party, double blind clinical evaluation on the benefits to skin. Perfecting Minerals offer brush-on UVA protection with an SPF of 25 and are non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic.

Can Lash Recovery Serum be applied twice daily?

Recommended use is once daily, at night. Use sparingly – only a very small amount is needed to achieve great results. Lash Recovery Serum can be used twice daily, but clinical studies were performed using only once daily, as the general recommendation.